Before we jump into theory, remember: There’s nothing more crucial for your campaign’s success than your passion. Don’t be afraid to show and express how much you want this gig to happen. From setting up your campaign to communicating it, always convey your passion and create emotional connection with you audience.


Gigalize Tools


We have made available easy-to-use tools that can get maximum attention and support for your campaigns or other campaigns you support. Below you will find suggested ways to use them, but before you start sharing, remember: Always stay relevant - spamming rarely motivates people support your cause.

  • One-click sharing to Facebook/Twitter
In every campaign, you’ll find Facebook and Twitter buttons that enable you to easily share it on Facebook or Twitter with just one click. You have the option to either use the automatically generated messages or customize them for a more personal touch. Make sure you include a clear call to action (e.g. Click here and support my campaign on to avoid useless likes or favorites and guide your audience to actively support your campaign on Gigalize.

  • Unique Campaign Link
Every campaign has its own, unique, automatically generated link. Post it anywhere you feel that people will notice and click on it: a website/blog comment section, a chat service, a forum, your Facebook/Twitter bio or your Skype status.

  • Embeddable Widget 
We have built a special widget that can be embedded on any blog or website easily and is designed to look good anywhere, getting more attention and helping you show your cause with pride. The Gigalize widget is optimized to display the current status of a campaign at a glance, making it easy for everyone to check on your campaign’s progress.

Promotion Guide

So here’s your step-by-step path to successful Gigalize campaign promotion:

Step 1 - Commit to your campaign.

Creating your campaign on Gigalize is just the first step. Take full ownership of it. Commit to a plan built on what you can find here, but allow for flexibility. Each campaign is different. Trial and error is a natural part of the process. Embrace it.

Pro-tip 1: Do some research and find contact details of local fan clubs and mailing lists of the artist you want to see live. They can be an excellent source of supporters.

Pro-tip 2: Be ready to talk about your campaign in public. Word of mouth is an excellent way to onboard supporters.

Pro-tip 3: Create a unique hashtag for your campaign, including the name of the artist/band and the place you want to bring them to.

Pro-tip 4: Try to create a personal video for your campaign. Viral videos are tough to manufacture and predict. However, if you have an emotionally charged video, you have a better shot of the campaign breaking out of your primary network and be shared by people and mediums you have never heard of.

Step 2 - Reach out to your first supporters.

If you haven't already, handpick 15 to 50 people in your family and personal network that love what you love, have similar music tastes, know what you are all about and trust you. It is very important to have your first supporters primed and ready to contribute right after you launch. This provides the public social proof of your credibility so that other backers follow their lead.

Pro-tip 1: An email with a short, but compelling story about your campaign along with careful targeting of the recipients can go a very long way. Never forget to include the link to the campaign, preferably accompanied with a clear call to action and a description of how Gigalize works.

Pro-tip 2: Don’t spam. Spamming is not only annoying - it can kill an otherwise perfectly executed campaign by creating negative buzz.

Step 3 - Thank your first supporters publicly and establish a dialogue.

Thank your supporters publicly on your campaign’s page comments and via social media. Facebook is great place to say "Thanks for the contribution Anna - can't wait to make this gig happen!". This builds credibility for your project to spiral out to a wider network. Keep this up throughout your entire campaign and establish a consistent communication with your backers.

Pro-tip 1: Try to mention people on Facebook (using the @ symbol before entering their name) or tag them on photos to reach a bigger audience.

Pro-tip 2:
On Twitter, mention others using @ inside the message, not at the beginning. If you have to use it at the beginning, type .@ in order to reach all your followers.

Step 4 - Spiral out to your social network.

Announce your project on your email list, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and any other social media you use. The message should reflect your character and should offer value to your network. Don't make it too generic or leave it without a clear call-to-action. You want your network to know what’s your campaign about, find real value and support it. Test your messages and be prepared to adapt your tone.

Pro-tip 1:  Facebook “Likes” are largely useless as they add nothing to the campaign and distract people from visiting and backing your actual campaign. Try to drive people to your campaign with a clear call to action (e.g. “click here to support my campaign”) and don’t settle for Facebook “likes”.

Pro-tip 2: Hijacking that is legal. Try to spread the word by commenting in Facebook posts, Twitter discussions, Youtube, forums and blogs. Stay relevant and add a personal touch to your messages so that they won’t be considered as spam.

Pro-tip 3: Organize a blast. A blast is a message arranged to be posted by a number of people at the same time in order to rise above the noise present in the social media and gain widespread attention. Successful blasts can become trending topic on Twitter and reach out to supporters previously unaware of the campaign. Blasts can only be used scarcely (preferably once) in a campaign's lifecycle and it is necessary to have already backers to be successful. We advise blasts to be organized close to the middle of a campaign's cycle or when 50% of the goal target has been reached.

Step 5 - Let the story unfold.

Update your campaign page on a daily basis by adding blog post links and comments – you can even change your current video or add new videos. This is a great way to keep your supporters aware of how your campaign is doing. Your campaign is a virtual event that must be nourished. Publicize and celebrate accomplished and upcoming milestones - e.g. quantitative goals (completion percentage, number of contributors, etc.) and qualitative (blog mentions, press, etc.).

Pro-tip 1: Update on every website and social media you have presence on. There are people everywhere curious to find out how your campaign is doing.

Step 6 - Keep them talking.

Find fun ways to stay relevant and keep your supporters coming back by adding new layers to the journey. This could come through live events and meetups, or other imaginative short-term initiatives. The goal is to keep your network talking and coming back to the campaign page. Your network will see and reward your hard work.

Pro-tip 1: You can use the comment section of your campaign page to gather attendance to the event or use a service built for this purpose. is a great place to set up a group and fix the venue and date of the event.

Pro-tip 2: Arrange an event at a club that is known in the genre of the artist, e.g. a jazz club is ideal when campaigning for a jazz band. Club owners are usually very eager to arrange events that secure high attendance. You can always contact us for help in reaching out to appropriate venues.

Step 7 - Meet the press.

Once your project has momentum reach out to press, bloggers and celebrities. Don’t be afraid – everybody loves a success story.

Pro-tip: Even if you don’t have access to contact details, look up for journalist and bloggers on Twitter. Almost all of them are there ;)

Step 8 - Bring it home and finish strong.

Messages during the last few days should be updated faster and delivered with more frequency. Build on your success and add a sense of urgency combined with gratitude. Be sure to thank everybody for coming along for the ride.

Pro-tip: Does your campaign need only 25% more backers to be deemed successful? Do you have only 5 more days before the campaign expires? Let the supporters know and ask for their further help to bring the common goal to the end!


Don’t be afraid of the Dip

Most crowdsourcing campaigns are shaped like a U - spike, dip, spike. Even the best ones.

Why? It’s the human nature.

People start off excited. Then, for some, attention fades. Others take longer to decide. Then, the deadline gets close and the interest spikes again.

Not only can you experience a dip in activity mid-project, but many also experience an emotional dip.

Your passion is the key driver to success. So the most important thing you can do is: Keep the faith.

How to approach the dip:

Think of this time as the period in which many people in your network are deciding whether to support you or are not paying attention to your posts and messages any more. Don’t get disappointed – they will probably come back when the campaign deadline approaches.

  • Re-energize yourself and your network.
  • Remind yourself: It's typical that not everyone in your network will get behind your project. Accept it.

What to do during the dip:

  • Hold a live event
  • Update video and pictures
  • Watch the story unfold
  • Reach out to bloggers and press interested in your niche
  • Create content (fake posters or tickets, illustrations, etc.)
  • Create milestones (e.g., “let´s reach 50% today”)


We hope this info got you ready and willing to go out there and create a successful campaign. To make your dream come true. To make gigs happen.