1. What is Gigalize?

Gigalize is an online platform that enables music fans to start a campaign and unite the voices of everyone who is interested in seeing their favorite artist live in their city.
2. What is a Campaign/Gig?

A Campaign (or Gig as we call it at Gigalize) is the process fans initiate to gather interest about an artist. After giving a short description of which reasons drove them to start it, users can post videos (via Youtube) and/or music tracks (via Spotify or Soundcloud) to communicate optimally their message on to other fans. All registered users can support and share a Campaign/Gig to get a message as loud as possible to the artists.

3. Why register via Facebook to Gigalize?

Registration via Facebook is quick, easy and totally secure. We do not posts on users’ profiles without their consent - the only data we use are their email, for verification purposes, and their music likes so we can inform them about campaigns and news that interest them.

4. Why do I have to validate my email if I choose to sign up with one?

Each "support” in Gigalize must correspond to a real person so that it can be accurately calculated how many people supported the campaign. So, in order for a Gigalize user account to be valid, the email of the account must first validated. To avoid this process altogether, users can opt to subscribe through Facebook, in which case email validation is not necessary.

5. How do I start a campaign?

Simply just go to the “Start a gig” page and, after reading the short instructions, fill in the form. The steps are very simple, but if you need help, you can contact us at info@gigalize.com.
6. Can I save the form's progress and come back to edit it?

Unfortunately no, once started, the process must be completed, otherwise your progress will be lost and the next time you’ll have to build it from scratch.

7. How many campaigns can I create?

Each user can own only one campaign at any time period in Gigalize, so choose carefully! Once your campaign is completed, whatever the result, you can create a new one.

8. I created my campaign, why has it not yet appeared on the Gigalize site?

All campaigns are evaluated by the Gigalize team so as to be of high quality, so they are not displayed immediately on our site. If it has been over 24 hours, it is likely that your campaign requires changes to, in which case we have communicated with you via email.

9. When will I find out whether my campaign has been approved?

The evaluation process takes about 24 hours, so you should be informed by email on the day after you sent the request.
10. What should I do to support a campaign?

After users log in, they only have to press the "Support" button at the page of the campaign they want to become a concert. It is equally important to spread the word to as many people as possible and grow the number of supporters, by sharing the campaign to everyone interested with the help of the social buttons available on the page of each Campaign.
11. Do I have to pay anything to create or support a campaign?

Nothing at all, the service of Gigalize is completely free.

12. Why should I share the campaign I supported?

The purpose of a campaign is to gather as many fans as possible who want to "be heard" by their favorite artist. The best way for all fans to become aware of this effort is sharing through the Social Media. This is not the only way though; each user can and should be creative and look for novel, effective ways to share their passion for a campaign.
13. What is the best way to successfully share a campaign?

There is no secret recipe, the best way is your passion! A campaign can be shared via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..), via email, and even word of mouth. For more ideas you can read our promotion guide here: [http://gigalize.com/learn.html]
14. How is the goal of a campaign set?

The goal can be set according to the popularity of the artist in a specific country and the average crowd the artist typically performs to. The goal is simply indicative - the more interest accrued, the more likely is the concert to happen.

15. How is the time period a campaign will be active for set?

The typical duration of a campaign is 60 days. We think this timeframe is sufficient for people to hear about it and gather the required interest, and also ensures that the users’ stated interest is real and current.
16. What happens if a campaign runs its course without achieving its goal?

In this case, the campaign is retired as unsuccessful, but the stated interest is archived so that when a future campaign for the same artist and location is created, all those who had previously "Supported" it will be notified and have another chance to try.
17. What happens if a campaigns’ goal is achieved with remaining days before its completion?

If the goal is achieved, the campaign remains active (i.e. fans are still able to "Support" it) regardless of the remaining days. Gigalize begins communicating with the parties involved while the campaign continues to gather interest.
18. The goal is reached, what happens next?

When a campaigns reaches its goal, Gigalize communicates this to the artist and/or their management. We communicate the stated fans’ interest formally, giving artists the opportunity and confidence to add another date to their schedule!

19. If a campaign reaches its goal, will the concert take place?

There are dozens of factors regarding the attainment of a concert. Gigalize does not organize concerts, but we do, alongside with you, everything in our power to positively influence such an occurrence.

20. Is Gigalize bound to bring the artist if the target is reached?

Gigalize does not organize concerts, therefore we cannot commit that the artist will perform live if the goal is reached.
21. Why is it better to start a Gigalize campaign instead of a Facebook page?

Gigalize is a platform designed for the sole purpose of giving to the fans the power to express how much they want to see an artist live. Our team does its best to help the success of each campaign, unlike a Facebook group or a Twitter trend which create nothing more than "noise" and hardly any result.

22. Gigalize is only about campaigns in Athens?

At the moment yes, but it will soon be open for other cities too, all over the world.
23. Can I start/support campaigns only for foreign artists or for Greek artists too?

There is no limit. You can start a campaign for any artist, as long as they are active.
24. If a campaign has reached its goal, in how long will the concert take place?

Communication starts immediately, but it is undefined whether and when any results will occur. Contacting the artist can be a very long and a time consuming process that can last from days to several months. In the end, Gigalize cannot give the promise that the gig will happen. 

25. Why do some campaigns have higher goals than others?

The goal is set depending on the popularity of the artist. The campaign of a popular artist will aim towards a higher goal compared to the campaign of a less well known artist. 

26. If I do not like an artist or do not intend to go to the concert, can I still support the campaign?

You can but you shouldn’t. Anyone can support a campaign. If they do not intend to go to the concert though, this will create a false notion on the demand for an artist, thus risking the credibility of the campaign. Whoever does not intend to go to a concert but wants to help, they can inform and share with friends and acquaintances who might be interested.
27. Does Gigalize organize concerts?

Gigalize does not organize concerts.

28. Does Gigalize propose the artists for whom campaigns are created?

All campaigns are created by our users. Gigalize does not propose or endorse in any way any artist or campaign hosted on its platform. The purpose is for the users to express their interest completely unaffected.
29. Does Gigalize collaborate with producers?

Gigalize is in communication with a wide network of concert producers, helping them to understand which artists does the public want to see perform and to find the next best concert to be organized. This is an open network and we are available to anyone who can and wants to make the dreams of fans come true by organizing a concert.
30. Why should I follow Gigalize on Social Media?

Because it’s cool! Apart from this obvious benefit, fans can easily and quickly be informed about concerts and new campaigns, as well as the progress of the ongoing ones, through our Facebook page and our account on Twitter. Activate the Notifications for Gigalize on Facebook to ensure you do not miss out on anything!
31. What is the Promotion Guide?

The Promotion Guide is the bible of the Gig creator! It is a collection of some great tips on how to optimally promote and spread the word about Campaigns. Gigalize shares with you the secrets to how the whole world can learn about a campaign that interests you - definitely worth a look.
32. How can I be informed about the new campaigns?

By visiting Gigalize www.gigalize.com daily. New campaigns are also published both on our Twitter account and our Facebook Page. Activate the Notifications for our Facebook page and make sure you will never lose any new campaign!