“Dramamini” is a Greek alternative band. They compose and write, they produce and engineer music, they draw and direct. Dramamini have released 3 albums, “Travelling by the window” (2007), “The universe inside me” (2CD + DVD, 2011), “To reconcile with the Zero point and the Infinite” (putting the words of Kostas Kariotakis’ poems to music, double digital album + application, 2014) and a digital single titled “Haley’s comet” (2015). In 2011 they directed their first short film that was titled “Clouds”. The theme was villages that become depopulated and old people who are left behind feeling lonely. The film showcases the unreleased collection of poems by John Michailidis. In 2014 they created an application that belongs in the category of Adventure Games which houses their last personal album. In addition, they supervise the production of other albums, they make artworks and direct video clips for other artists.